SEO Trends of 2020 That You Should Start Following Immediately

Yogesh Pant
Mar 17, 2020

There was a time when the business organizations did not care much about their online presentations. They did not look after their rankings, which made them earn averagely. However, in the present era, search engine optimization is as important as establishing the business. Small businesses in the UAE and Middle Eastern countries are also gaining popularity by utilizing it.

The organizations are aware of the fact that they can only earn a profit if they rank higher in the search engines. So, they follow a number of trends and strategies to optimize their online presence. On such strategy is on-page SEO optimization, which leads them to sure-fire success.

This article aims to highlight some SEO tends of 2020 that you should start following immediately to ensure your success and profit.

SEO Trends of 2020
Top 6 SEO Trends to Follow in 2020

Not having an online presence did not affect the businesses two decades earlier. However, the modern generation is highly dependent on it. They like to search the organizations and products online, instead of taking a long tour of the market. In such a case, if your service or product does not land in front of them, you may lose the business.

The following are some of the most important SEO trends that you need to follow in 2020 to ensure your profitability.

1. The dominance of Snippet Features

Dominance of Snippet Features

The very first SEO trend that you need to be following in 2020 is the dominance of the snippet features. The snippet features are one of the latest development of Google according to the most relevant search queries. This feature shows the most relevant results on zero position.

It is a significant opportunity for businesses not to rank in number one position to claim the zero position. It is possible by including the simplest answers to the search queries in your content. So, utilize this dominance to rank higher than number one.

2. Evolution of Artificial Intelligence

Evolution of Artificial Intelligence

One of the most important SEO company trends in 2020 is the evolution of artificial intelligence. It has the ability to check the authenticity of the content and position in which the keywords are used. So, do not work on your content just as a formality but pay proper attention.

Utilize the evolution of artificial intelligence in your favor. Explore the interests and curiosities of the users related to your service and provide them most satisfactory and convincing answers. Utilize this opportunity to serve your users and enjoy higher rankings.

3. The popularity of Voice Searches

The popularity of Voice Searches

Another important SEO trend of 2020, which is becoming more popular with every passing day, is voice searches. The modern generation and population are quite considerate of differently-abled people. It believes that they do deserve all the opportunities to get ahead in life.

The voice searches are suitable for any user; however, they are meant to serve those users who cannot use other means specifically. Include this factor in youroptimization strategies, so the users get the most relevant results in the first search. It will improve your ranking as well.

4. BERT is here to Stay

BERT is here to Stay

The next SEO trend that you should be following in 2020 is BERT. This is a new search algorithm introduced by Google. It has the ability to analyze the search intent of the users and provide them with the most relevant results. It can filter out their errors to show the result of their liking.Using a quality rank tracking tool like Linkio can drastically help you achieve higher rankings and visibility on the SERPs.

So, you need to be very careful in planning the content of your websites. Be sure to include the points that trigger user interest, so that BERT does not filter you out. It is here to stay, so it is better to learn and adapt to its functioning. Consult experts to take help in this regard.

5. Content-Length Improves Rankings

Content-Length Improves Rankings

The next SEO trend that you need to follow in 2020 is improving the content length. It matters more than you expect, so do not treat it as a formality. Longer content length can help you achieve high rankings . However, the content should be to the point and according to queries and requirement of users.

So, work on improving the length of your content while prioritizing its quality. Do not let your users leave unsatisfactorily after exploring through the whole content.

6. HTTP to HTTPS Migration For Web Security

if your website is still running on HTTP then it is good to move it to HTTPS as Google and browser community is also preferring HTTPS websites. When you move to HTTPS, you need an SSL certificate and there are many brands available in SSL industry but make sure you choose the cheapest SSL certificate as it will fit in your budget.

Unable to understand these SEO trends?

Well, you may not have understood them if you are not aware of the field. It does not mean that you can pass it and let your business suffer. Do not ever make this mistake as you will have to close your business.

No matter where you are based in the world, you can acquire the services of professional SEO services company in Dubai and let the expert manage your online presence. You can also ensure to produce the content which satisfies the search intent of the users and secure higher rankings. You can also ensure the profitability and success of your business by optimizing the online content.

So, do not compromise on your online presence just because you are not an expert. Consult the experts now and ensure long term success and popularity of your business or service now. With the systematic approach we offer you customized web application development solutions and are extremely passionate about its sound design, web standards, usability & accessibility that not only improves the scalability of your web application but also facilitate the cross-platform promotion of services

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