Top Features of iOS 15 that will Shape iPhone App Development

Yogesh Pant
Sep 20, 2021

iOS 15 has created a lot of excitement in the market. It has shown the progress of Apple and how it has achieved technical advancement. There have been significant improvements in integrated Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence which have given new directions to the app development industry.

A Brief Overview of iOS 15 Features

Many of the updates that iOS 15 provides have been in demand in the market for a long time. Following are the major updates:

Dark Mode

As most users spend a lot of time in front of a screen, the idea of having a dark mode in the user interface is gaining a lot of popularity because it is pleasant to the eyes, and also has an aesthetic appeal.

Augmented Reality

iOS 15 has improved iOS’s Augmented Reality capabilities in AR Kit 3. The platform claims improved awareness of individuals and the integration of movement. Apart from the above, iOS’s Augmented Reality includes innovative features such as Reality Composer and Reality Kit, which allow you to design and build customized AR experiences.

An Improved Siri

Apple has kept it a priority to deliver an improved Siri with every update. One of the new features has been Siri Kit which enables round-the-clock access to Siri, even if an application is not running at that moment. The Kit builds an extension of Siri to any application that you are using, and Siri handles the user interactions on your behalf.

Machine Learning

This has been a popular update among app developers because of Core ML 3. It provides enhanced support for advanced machine learning models and gives better search and object recognition by improving train models on the device. The same principle has led to improvement in face and landmark detection, image and speech recognition, tracking, and analysis of natural language text.

How do iOS 15 updates affect Mobile App Development?

Core ML 3

As on-device updates have now become a possibility in Core ML 3, a lot of developers will be able to deliver customized features to their apps. Another feature that adds a new feather to the cap is Create ML, which enables the developers to use the full potential of machine learning and create machine-learning models that do not need any code at all. This has resulted in better efficiency, faster development and improved creativity.


Developers can use the potential of Siri Kit and Apple’s AI technology to their benefit and save a lot of time by delegating multiple tasks to Siri such as accessing visual codes to searches and VoIP to payments.

Swift 5

Swift 5 is a simple and powerful programming language for iOS and is an extremely simple language to learn. Swift 5’s unique API limits the number of language modifications and enhances its simplicity. It provides better memory access during runtime and also supports novel data types thus proving itself as a very stable language.

App Security

Apple has always been steadfast when it comes to security and has built a reputation in the market in this aspect. iOS 13 has introduced new security guidelines and it’s now required for all developers to include only one channel that enables interaction among users. Apart from this, it is necessary to include any application that has been developed for iOS 15 in the App Transport Security.

Enterprise App Development

Apple has taken further necessary steps to penetrate the enterprise app market by improving upon its user experiences for employees and providing enhanced security and privacy. These steps make it an attractive choice for both budding entrepreneurs and corporate giants.

Better, More Secure Transactions

Apple Pay now ensures enhanced security to accommodate its growing digital payments. iOS is the ideal platform that guarantees smooth and secure transactions in any application.

Cloud-based Apps

Enterprises are preferring migrating to Cloud because it provides multiple advantages including customized data storage capabilities and analytics tools while being lighter on the pocket. It also results in enhanced security and smoother operations. This provides an enormous opportunity for app developers to provide cloud-based solutions on iOS.


The improvements brought about by the latest iOS 15 updates are nothing short of revolutionary and change the dynamics of mobile app development. For now, iOS developers have their hands full on how they can leverage the new technologies and build better products

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