Top reasons for selecting ionic for your mobile app development

Yogesh Pant
Oct 22, 2021

Needless to say, there are many apps available in the market which is instrumental in building an advanced mobile app. Before you chose one, you must know what they are all about and what are their benefits and functionality. One of the best ways to shape up your app is by using the ionic framework. If you are looking for a solid foundation for an advanced app, then this framework is sure to do magic for your mobile app as a whole. Let’s get started with what it is and what it does.

What is ionic?

An HTML 5 mobile app development framework, ionic is targeted for building hybrid mobile apps. A cross-platform tool for mobile development, ionic provides the front-end SDK framework that enables the developer to create mobile-based applications for apple, windows, and android.

Ionic is a powerful tool that is used to create hybrid mobile applications. It allows the developer to build mobile apps using various web applications and languages such as CSS, JavaScript, angular, HTML, type script, etc. this framework comes with the command-line interface that allows one to develop the application without wasting their efforts on the coding process. If you are looking for an ideal framework for your mobile app development which comes with efficient performance, minimum DOM manipulation, provides different behaviors, etc., then ionic is the perfect platform for you.

The different features of ionic

Ionic is one of the most popular and widely used platforms that has been used by developers to build mobile as well as desktop applications. Ionic provides the developers with all the functionality and features that are required for the proper functioning of an app and its continuous delivery. Over the years, many variants of ionic have been introduced with the objective of providing developers with an innovative and unique mobile application development platform.

Some of the different features of ionic are :

Functions on all platforms – ionic can work successfully, providing a native look and feel irrespective of the device that you are using it on. As it works on mobile-optimized web components, it is not required to change the code. Ionic functions with angular to provide a concrete structure, which in turn significantly reduces the cost.

Cross-platform mobile application development – there is simply no denying the fact that there are hundreds of devices out there. It is impossible to create an app that can fit the size and screen of all these different devices. Ionic has a similar code base, which makes it compatible with other operating systems. This allows the developers to create a single website that works on all devices, creating a unified look and feel.

Default user interface - ionic comes with default CSS and JS parts that allow the developers to create mobile applications. Even though the default design covers most of the parts, new features can be added to the predefined CSS classes as per the need and requirements.

Based on angular JS – when it comes to the development of web and mobile applications, angular is one of the most preferred frameworks. It comes with HTML extensions which can be highly beneficial for the developers. On the whole, angular JS vs react collaborated with ionic frameworks provides an ideal platform.

Cordova plugins - with the help of the Cordova plugins, designers can find access to different components. This allows one to add attractive features to their website, which in turn results in the creation of an excellent website. Several plugins are supported by ionic for the purpose of development.

Elegant designs – the way a website looks is sure to play a significant role in ensuring its success. The ionic framework allows one to access several customization themes and components that provide an excellent user interface and makes the website look elegant and attractive.

Enhanced performance – by using the ionic framework, you create a platform that can run successfully on several mobile devices. By using the component of your choice, you can speed up the mobile performance.

Advanced technology - the ionic framework provides you with cutting-edge technology which is easy to use. Its features allow you to make changes and edits as and when required. You can efficiently and effectively make the most of this web-based technology to shape the website as per your desire.

The ionic platform is an excellent way through which you can build a mobile app for the future. Since these are curetted using cross-platform technologies, not only are they easy to build but also easy to maintain. Some factors that make ionic better than other frameworks for mobile app development are :

  1. It allows you to build mobile apps without the restrictions of native developers.
  2. By saving on the development, native devas, and codebase maintenance, you are finding suitable means for cost-cutting with ionic frameworks.
  3. With a single codebase, you develop the capacity of transforming your ionic-based mobile application into a PWA or desktop app, enhancing versatility.
  4. With just one app to present, you can significantly cut down on the hassles involved with marketing.
  5. Built-in browser instruments and debugging tools make it easy to maintain.
  6. The default plug-in helps your application to integrate effectively with both software as well as hardware components.
  7. Another significant feature of the Ionic framework is the component library which is a viral time and resource saver.
  8. Testing is an essential part of launching an app. The ion frameworks offer more straightforward testing techniques as compared with the other frameworks.

As somebody who wants to opt for mobile app development, it is crucial to understand that this is one of the most powerful tools for accessing direct communication with the user. For the user to like your app and come back for more, you will have to ensure that your app is effective and efficient in terms of every aspect. Be it the speed, the customer interaction, design elements, etc., everything has to be just proper to attract the users and pave the way for conversions.

If you are looking for a platform where you can find out more about ionic and its proper use, then it’s time for you to get in touch with us at Mtoag Technologies. As a company that has been in the IT sector for many years now, we understand the importance of the right framework for the right app. Our team of experts works hard and dedicatedly towards curating a tailor-made app for you which is not just perfect but also entirely in sync with the best in design technology, advancements, and at the end of the day true copy of the image that you have in mind.

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