Business intelligence solutions

Raju Ram Khakhal
Jun 11, 2020

Application development of Business Intelligence

Mtoag becomes ready for the future with deploying business intelligence and its analytics which is mainly based on your overall data with our end-to-end solutions of Business intelligence. Applications of business intelligence provide you with appropriate information whenever required. Every enterprise of Business operates with various synced departments to work in the form of binding force in order to attain a common goal. This will run over several ideas & propositions of business which can be integrated & processed in a modernized manner. All this requires an effective reporting & analysis of platforms that can be provided by business intelligence. If you wants to know about what is crm software? then click here.

  • Make appropriate decision
  • Do an analysis of performance
  • Forecast impact of business strategy
  • Offer expert solutions for business intelligence
Business Intelligence services

Data visualization of BI

We help you to access the present organization state that permits you to select the suitable tool of BI that will ensure the accurate and sensitive processing of information.

Data analysis of BI

We help you to offer a secure as well as reliable analysis of data. It permits the business in order to evaluate the improvements & make strategies of business successful.

Consulting of BI

We help you to offer a secure as well as reliable analysis of data. It permits the business in order to evaluate the improvements & make strategies of business successful.

Data integration of BI

Our team of business intelligence helps you to offers a customized solution & meet out the level of services that require integrating the validation of business.

Operations support of BI

We help you and supports to make advance services of a business. We also help you to eliminate the current issues with monitoring every aspect of the activity.

Business Intelligence solutions

Consultation of BI

We offer a brilliant opportunity for users to access the key requirements of BI that insight at anytime, anywhere. The implementation of a platform for flexible business intelligence becomes easier with us. This will enhance the responsiveness, minimize the cost of IT & workload with improving the performance and decision making concept.

Mobile Business Intelligence

In the current scenario, the owners of small businesses need personalized apps for business intelligence for handheld & Smartphone devices. In attain out all these requirements of a business, we provide solutions with perfection. We developed these apps compatible with all the platforms that can full fill the requirements of clients.

Solutions for enterprise reporting

Data visualization of pixel-perfect can be produced because they are simple to understand and provides quick answers for business-related questions via desktop, mobile devices, etc. you can get the help of experts with us through the development of BI applications. This way you can assist the managers of business and take the right decision for an organization.

Applications and Dashboards

We offer effective services at Mtoag Info Solutions for business intelligence that can take better results in performance with high impact dashboards. We promote the adoption of BI to organizations with convince data apps & dashboards. You can easily use our user-friendly type BI tools for design which have high interactive dashboards at any time at any place.

Solutions of Business analytics

This seems to be a critical situation in BI as an interpretation of data and analytics aids by develops interactive maps, pie charts from apps of BI. With using this platform, the application becomes handier & smart for owners of a business to perform several processes.

6. Solutions for data visualization

We at Mtoag permits you to use different data to tell the stories to the audience through visualization of data. With these business solutions, users get skills empowered, so that data understanding becomes easier. Get intuitive solutions of visualization of data with us is a way that permits the users of business to combine data with several sources. Data visualization with trends analyzing and info graphics offers important information on mobile devices and complex trends.

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Why Business Intelligence Is Crucial for your business?


Solutions of BI process effective visualization of data and its capabilities ensure the intuitive visuals of data for setting an operational report. This will make it easier to understand the actions and interpret them.


The software of business intelligence automates the process of business and generates an effective saving of time as well as cost and turn the contributes towards an effective level of productivity and performance.

CI products & Technologies


We help you to enhance the coordination of business and its efficiency by using appropriate services of business intelligence like management of data, integration of data& analytics of data.

Power BI

We help you in making the extensive use of software of business intelligence and gains a competitive level or edge within the current market.

BI solutions

The Pentaho software of business intelligence offers an effective solution for business with a team of experts of developers related to business intelligence.

  • Analysis of items
  • Understanding clients effectively
  • Strategy for sales
  • Planning & Budgeting
  • Analysis of business performance
  • Enhance the performance of finance, sales, marketing and operations

Technology stack

Microsoft BI stack

  • Tabular type models
  • SSIS
  • MS SQL
  • SSRS
  • Power BI
  • SSAS

DB servers

  • Tabular type models
  • SSIS
  • MS SQL
  • SSRS
  • Power BI
Platforms for data analytics
  • Tabular type models
  • SSIS
  • MS SQL
  • SSRS
  • Power BI
  • SSAS

Steps to hire BI developer from Mtoag

Share project requirements

We share our requirements for the project to hire appropriate and skilled experts.

Hire BI developers

Hire developers of BI with appropriate knowledge and capability to attain the common goal.

Get the project Completed

Developers focused on achieving the target and help in making the projects completed with successful outcomes.

Testing and QA

We offer several questions to test out the capability and knowledge of the developers.

Mtoag helps in making a strategic as well as tactical decision for an organization using discussed analytics & power leverage for data transformation into a Business intelligence action. Mtoag is leading custom mobile app Development company , USA focusing on iPhone, iPad & Android apps.

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