How to Build a LMS?

Yogesh Pant
May 18, 2020

Mtoag Provides you the A-Z guide for design an LMS for every entrepreneur. LMS such as Udacity, Coursera, edX, Future Learn, etc. has been developing with effective guidance that provides MOOCs. We discuss effective features for developing LMS or learning management software for web or mobile. E-learning term gets popular in 1999 and now learning management software becomes more popular. This term is much more than the E-learning dimension.

MOOC is standardized for the Massive Open Online Courses. These courses are initially available in the institutes such as Harvard & MIT or Stand ford. However, in the current situation, 941 universities are engaged with this MOOC offers to provide for their students.

Are high universities in favor of LMS?

Courser has been found because it’s standard professor conduct research and analyze the student's preference. It seems to be important to account that MOOC has been preferred in Google, Yale, Harvard, Microsoft, IITs, etc. Faculty or administration offers MOOC within 80 institutes as per the Report of Columbia University as well as Brown University. The idea to maintain the report is to know why institutes offer MOOCs. It has been seen that around 38% of institutions engaged with MOOCs and realize its effective output. These MOOCs help in improving the educational structure as it can offer by the LMS. We also provide smart project management app for intelligently manages your sundry tasks as well as complex work.

There are many reasons for using MOOCs by different universities. Udacity or Coursera provides MOOC based paid degree-granting. However, most of the courses are available in the free category and opened for several users. This will allow the user to reach as well as access the brands. This seems to be innovative research towards the development of effective ways for learning as well as teaching.

Entrepreneur’s opportunity

After taking out Coursers for the users, the founder only has one intention in their mind that they provide the best education to every student to facilitate these as per the LMS platform. The founder stated that this facility is designed with strong determination through effective courses that have been provided to the students or different people through which the education system will improve in a cost-free manner. Earlier, there are different colleges stated that something went wrong with their education system. In this situation, LMS helps them to provide an effective system for education. This will help the students and the parents who are burdened with their student’s education money.

In 2012, Coursera becomes a cause behind social entrepreneurship. It has been seen that Markets and markets in 2023, LMS value has been increased up to the $ 22.4 billion that will feasible in offers the best practices.

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LMS features

LMS is mainly developed for different institutes & different organizations and not only limited to colleges, community centres of learning, schools, and the setups of corporate. There are 5 modules that have been involved in the overall framework of LMS like learning, the interface of knowledge, content, the interface of a teacher, or the learner & evaluation. Mtoag recommended a short listing website development company that has a domain of expertise and provides effective solutions for enhancing the application quality.

Overall development cost

These mentioned features are present with the eLearning mobile app. The basic structure is used to design the specified modules. But it is necessary to understand the cost of developing these modules. There are some factors which include in LMS development related to time taken as well as the cost. These factors can be discussed below:

  • Management of database
  • Tool for project management
  • Web design
  • Invison app
  • Document for architecture
  • Wireframe

The investment and time taken concept is commonly based on the application scope. However, as per the above-discussed features, the primary cost is around 9 Lakh along with taxed for Codeigniter & PHP or 13 lakh along with taxes for Node & angular. The best way is to move with PHP as given by leverage of SEO. The performance concept remains the same in both investment cases.


We look over the deployment of the server as well as the set up of notification management that will make operations easier in the future. Along with it, Mtoag hand over overall product for the end to end type testing, performance, quality code testing & compliances of security. Mtoag is leading mobile app Development Company , USA focusing on iPhone, iPad & Android apps.

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