Employee Engagement App: Attributes & Appearance

Yogesh Pant
Aug 31, 2019

It is needless to say that nowadays people and businesses have become mobile app savvy. mobile app have become an integral part of daily existence whether it is for home or social engagement. One can safely say that our lives have become dependent on mobile apps. It is well versant to use mobile apps for the office environment too. Read on to know about the interesting and interactive features of the free employee engagement app for promoting a healthy and productive office environment.

The employee engagement applications are programmed to connect and boost employee engagement on your workforce. See an end to the lack-lustre attitude of employees. Your employees will convert into a dedicated and truly productive workforce to boost your company reputation and goals.

Improve Employee Engagement via employee engagement applications

Mtoag is in the business of mobile apps right since its inception. The employee engagement mobile app helps in improving employee engagement with your business, whether the employees are in-house, remotely located or on the move. Businesses can judge the overall performance of their staff and rejuvenate productivity amongst them. This powerful employee engagement mobile apps enables your employee to feel being an important part of your organization and brings out their hidden qualities and tendencies. As the employee connects more and more with the app, his level of connect and learning automatically get enhanced. The employee gets a voice in the organization and a feeling of commitment and oneness seeps in – this is the USP of this employee engagement app.

Salient Features of The employee engagement mobile apps


Invite your staff to create user communities to promote healthy interaction amongst them wherein they can share their thoughts, pics, videos and technical upgrades for performance enhancement. Each user should be able to Like, Comment or Share the articles to cultivate employee engagement with the app.


Motivate employees with regular news broadcasts about the progress and development phase of the company along with important information directly to each employee.


This chat messaging feature is beneficial for employee interaction during office hours and from home or remote locations or even on the move. Whether the employee is physically present in office or elsewhere, they will be constantly connected with one another and share tasks and upgrades as per the requirement.


This event section helps to portray company staff events held in the past or forthcoming on weekly, monthly occasions. Get-togethers, birthday celebrations, fun Fridays, motivational interactions, learning sessions, educational programs, is all here for increasing employee interest. Do not forget to add in links to relevant webpages or streaming video content.

The HR Connect

The app will help workers to discuss their problems, apprehensions, thoughts, opinions and suggestions for improvements and innovation with the HR team for better employee/employer relationships.

Training & Development

Employees can gain access to training guides, class schedules and streaming educational videos for enhancing their skills. Getting a regular feedback from your staff can help you to train them for developing into a better work force. Workers would feel rewarded with such skill enhancements for their personal growth and development. We offer Employee tracking app allows you to set your business sources correctly.

Fast-track Employee Development

Motivate a sudden upsurge with this fast-track employee advancement feature with inbuilt Instructional programs on societal, national and cultural advancement targets.

Rewards & Recognition

Enhance employee recognition with reward programs and certifications. Engage workers with Gamification options and reward winning opportunities. Create leader boards for healthy employee competition and dedication towards company’s progress.

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Employees can post their queries and questions in this FAQ section for getting replies. This interactive question answer feature will help future employees too who may be faced with a similar situation. Such relevant question answer posts can be further added to the FAQs.

Connected with Remote Teams

Remote teams can be connected with all the workers through this app and share files, documents and inter-exchange information seamlessly from any location of the globe.

Web based interface for Training Providers through the Employee Engagement app

  • Survey of Training need analysis
  • Preparing for Pre-workshop sessions
  • Upload work related quizzes& contests
  • Generate summary & reports
  • Manage coins & redemption
  • Effective metric system

Stimulate & involve your employees by imparting knowledge to zealous learners thereby motivating others and enhancing your employee retention system (h3 tag)

Quench the knowledge thirst of your employees with ease of access to important and relevant information. Engage your employees through learning mediums while making them interactive, fun filled and inspiring. Reinforce their learning, maximize their knowledge retention &arouse their knowledge application in your business with this platform. Employees prefer to stay in environments where there is scope for learning and betterment for their future. Businesses can see a sea change with the best employee engagement apps and benefit on a rapid note. Click here & know what is employee engagement ?

Knowledge Retention & Enhancement System Advantages

Content Refresher modules & pointers

Content should be refreshed on a weekly module in small modular format.

Group discussion platform

Encourage socialization and oneness in the work place through Group discussion platform.

Performance Linked Leader-board

Judge user performance and capabilities to understand their strengths and weaknesses.Get an informed view on where they stand amongst the crowd.

Reward coins &raffle ticket system

To motivate and encourage employees for completion of tasks with optimum accuracy and enhance user participation & healthy competitive approach, etc.

Pop-up quizzes & more

Pop-up quizzes to refresh user learning & check their level of understanding on a regular basis.

Interactive & fun-filled Chat & Group Discussion sessions

This interface feature helps in achieving social engagement with your employees through chat & group discussion sessions and keeps them inter-connected to one another. The best employee engagement app is not restricted to any one industry or business sector but as a whole for any and every kind of business that you can think of. If you want to know the Best Employee Engagement Ideas then click here.

Accelerate your employee engagement goals

Create app for employee engagement and generate employee interest to its easy to implement features and progressive nature.


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