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Raju Ram Khakhal
Sep 20, 2019

Informative Guide to help in hiring Web Developers & Designers in 2019

Looking out to build your own website? It can be an easy task if you are well versed with the technicalities and functionalities involved in building the website. If not, then you must first understand what all goes in getting that fabulous website for your business prospects.

You need to ask some questions first.

  • What is the kind of website you are interested in getting developed?
  • Do you just want a logo design, custom page creation, or revamping your webpage?
  • What is the type of website developer may be required for the same?
  • Which one would be most suitable for the project – a freelancer or a custom website developer team?
There are 2 ways to decide upon right at the initial stage:

But, before we proceed on to understand who amongst the two is better suited for our purpose, let us first ponder and take a few points into consideration.

There are two major components while building a website:

  • Designing the Website
  • Coding the Website

Both are different from one another but equally important. You can select different specialists for each aspect OR select a specialist who is conversant with both designing and coding the website.

Then again there are 3 different specialists who are necessary for the website development process:

  • Developers / Programmers
  • Website Designers &
  • Graphic Designers

Now let’s see the difference between the above three specialists and their role.

Role of Developers / Programmers

Their basic role is to code the website and give it the proper functionality for smooth running of the website. It is a rare case where one can find a developer who may be a good designer or graphic designer too. But it is not necessary that he may be an expert in both or all three – that is a chance that you shouldn’t take. If you already have a website and just need to add a custom slider or and other feature requiring coding – they are adept at it. If you want to know about What Is WEB PORTAL Development

Website Designers

They are the ones who give shape to your idea of the website. Their main role is to design and plan the website layout for you. Some are even proficient in creating graphics but most of them stick to creating images only. Though they have a workable knowledge of coding the website, it is best to stick to the actual developers for coding it. Nowadays web design & developers opt for codeless website builders for creating websites on their own. They can help to optimize you web layout or overhaul your website.

Graphic Designers

They concentrate mainly on creating graphics and images to create a visually appealing website for you. They are not adept at coding of websites or designing website layouts. They can help in creating a new logo or banner for advertisements.

When you aren’t exactly aware of your website requirements, you might end up hiring the wrong person for the job. It is very essential to properly define the job description and avert costly delays and frustrations.

The proper job description should contain:
  • A design replica depicting the design you have in mind;
  • Samples or designs that depict your style of design requirements;
  • List of must-haves and do-not for your website;
  • Color schemes preferred by you;
  • Time frame or deadline given for project completion.

You must take into consideration that the project work will be completed on a time-bound scale while dealing with a season website development agency as compared to different freelancers who might delay the project for one reason to another.

Still if you do decide to go on with a freelancer, you should first ascertain the relevant technical skills that are required for your project completion such as:

Before proceeding further, it is always wise to take into count some of the basic soft skills of the freelancer as well as the custom website development team; after all it is your money at stake. If you want to know why IT companies prefer the agile development.

Response time & prompt or delayed feedback

It is very important to note how soon the freelancer or web team responds to your project work posting.

Relevant understanding of your job description requirement

You must judge how well they have understood your project requirement. Some just vaguely answer without even going through the project work posting. You can even ask a question relevant to the project. Getting the correct answer will help you shortlist the perfect freelancer or team for the project work.

Request for examples of similar/previous project work

This will help you to zero in on the right freelancer or web team for your project work.

  • One-to-one discussion with the designers to understand their design styles
  • Customer Reviews and Ratings
  • Appoint only experienced freelancer or web development team

Now that we have understood the basic requirements of employing a freelancer or a custom website developers team, let us proceed further to understand the costs involved for them.

The project cost depends upon the skillsets, experience, size, project complexity, the country where the design & developers are located – developed or developing countries and the portal from where you have sourced the freelancer designers & developers from.

Budgeting for projects

Smaller projects

Experienced developers should be appointed on a pay per hour basis.

Less experienced/intermediate developers and designed on a fixed price pay basis.

Larger projects

These projects can be time consuming and open to errors and flaws during development stage; hence, it is advisable to pay on a fixed price basis to the developers and designers.

If you are running on a shoestring budget it is best to quote your budget upfront. If you have a flexible budget, it is best to ask for quotes for your project work.

Price estimation for hiring developer or designer depends on location & project work

Developed countries –USA, Canada, UK,Europe, etc.

  • Experienced developer cost of hiring in developed countries range from $100 - $250/hour; $30 - $70/hour in developing countries;
  • Experienced website designer cost of hiring in developed countries range from $75 - $150/hour; $30 - $65/hour in developing countries;
  • Experienced graphic designer cost of hiring in developed countries range from $50 - $125/hour; $25 - $50/hour in developing countries;

Developing countries –India, Philippines, Eastern European countries, etc.

  • Intermediate developer cost of hiring in developed countries range from $30 - $80/hour; $15 - $50/hour in developing countries;
  • New to intermediate website designer cost of hiring in developed countries range from $45 - $60/hour; $10 - $30/hour in developing countries;
  • Intermediate graphic designer cost of hiring in developed countries range from $25 - $45/hour; $5 - $20/hour in developing countries.

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