Which agile approach helps teams improve their project cycle time by considering team capacity?

Raju Ram Khakhal
Mar 01, 2021

What is Agile Reporting?

Agile reporting is implying reporting the main information in a agile team . Reporting seems to be one of the useful techniques that play a key role in project success. Without agile methodology, it is just like aim shooting in dark.

Reporting also helps in add out the project value if they are accurate. It also helps in understanding the problems of the team that might be built an appropriate project. Reporting mainly helps us in project work will get done & if a team is a work overloaded, its presence creeps the project. Hence, reporting will also help us track out the project backlogs & current progress.

Agile Reporting Structure

Characterize various elements gives a useful & successful report. These elements enhance out the report aspects but also make out the project valuable. Some of the report characteristics are given as below:


Agile reporting helps out to make the user-oriented project, as per the customer desires. The application of mobile that might be built using different features mainly depends on the wishes & desires of users & customers.


It seems to be important that the project report should be goal-oriented. This is mainly relevant to the mobile app development and their base industry. There are various mobile applications are also floating around the play store & app store for every domain. Various updates come in the applications. To keep the demands of business at priority, it is important to make a goal-oriented approach.

Reporting frequency

Reporting frequency is check that how many reports are get submitted and in how many intervals. The rate of reporting can get decided as per the needs or company such as once in a week, every day & many more. It seems to be important to keep out the frequency track due to check out that Agile process is correct.

Value addition

It seems to be important to add the reporting values to the entire system. With agile reporting, the rate of growth has become good & positive, which will give the effectiveness reporting. Hence value addition can easily get achieved.

Golden Rules for An Agile Reporting Structure


When Agile scrum methodology can be adopted by the organization, it can be assumed that the agile-based approach from the traditional approach of the team. If a system is traditional, there is a project manager presence that will take care of project deliveries. The line manager is responsible for take-care the team & members and reports all the issues.

People management & work management are not the similar entities

Importance to transparency can be provided to the agile teams, but whenever we represent our projects & work, it will give a positive edge to it. Hence, essential incredibly is essential for an unbiased review and hence the management or work is important.

Teams Scrum Board

In Scrum teams, it happens that already present departments get broken up. This not seems to be a positive or correct thing for the technical build skills. An individual or member who can present in a group must have correct means by which they can enlarge the horizons & technical skills just out of the project boundaries.

What is a Scrum Masters Role?

In the team of agile, scrum masters seem to be important. This will ensure that agile principles are getting followed or not, hence working effectively towards goal sharing. The scrum team along with scrum master design or build a hospitable environment for business growth.


Single team only

It has been seen that within a team, there are several people, who have different sets of skills. They can be in different domains & departments. But the team goal might be different as per the individuals & their working. Sometimes this sort of ideas becomes difficult to follow due to the working & group's complexity. Sometimes, people make decisions in a rush that will create chaos.

Team encouraged by promotion processes

With scrum introduction, employees should also be given the promotion chance to get better in their careers. Scrum should also encourage the new sets of skills & promotions that might make the working profile enjoyable & fun.

How is Documentation Done in Agile?


It is important that reporting has to be accurate in large organizations & industries. If the communication is not effective, then employees may lose the data & information in Organization Sea. If reports are to the point & regular, this will make the simple to understand the objectives of the organization's b/w CEO & employees, this will help the team to stay on a similar page.

There are different levels where are reports can be designed for the company, task, individuals, team, & department. If words are effective then the company's performance gets better and project delays status gets reduced. This seems to be essential to complete the project at a time in order to enhance the growth of the company. A viral test is a SMART test for the reports. SMART is an acronym that can make to set out the goals. It is mainly related to Management By Objective (MBO).

Summing up

It gets clear that agile reporting is used to add additional value to the project. It also helps to add new or latest features to the project through which the project get successful on deadline. Objectives & key results can be set up new goals and offer freedom to a team in order to deliver the projects on time. We at Mtoag provide you every information related to agile reporting. Get in touch with us to solve your different queries.

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