MangaReader APP :Review and Analysis and Alternatives

Yogesh Pant
Jan 16, 2023

No matter whether it is morning, evening tea-time, or late night, who doesn’t love to read their favorite books, novels, comics, or even Manga? The word ‘Manga’ might be new to you. But it actually is a Japanese version of fiction comics. The only difference between a Manga and a normal comic is the reading pattern and the color. While the former has black and white prints and can be read from right to left, the latter has colorful characters and can be read from left to right. However, Manga reading can be costly and challenging to read, especially for non-Japanese people due to the language barrier. But thanks to online Manga reading websites like MangaReader, it has become easier than ever and a fun way to enjoy your favorite Manga comics. 

7Seeds-manga claims to offer an unforgettable experience of reading Manga for free to everyone. The platform has a large library of Manga, suitable for people of all ages. The platform has been instrumental in offering an opportunity for non-Japanese Manga lovers to read their favorite stories for free. 

But Is it legal to read Manga for free through this site? How is the user interface? Ultimately, Is MangaReader worth your time? Let’s find out the answers to these questions in this comprehensive and well-researched MangaReader Review. 

What Is is a free online tool for reading Japanese Manga in various languages. It allows users to read Manga from various regions and genres without paying anything. You can also find the stories that suit your taste and age group. The best thing about is that despite being a subscription-free platform, there are no ads to disturb your reading. is an ideal platform for readers who want to experience quality Manga for free. Here are some more advantages of this platform.

  • A huge selection of Manga is accessible
  • No subscription fees
  • No annoying ads
  • No need to sign up
  • A secure option to read peacefully
  • Low data consumption
  • Switch between PC and mobile seamlessly
  • High-resolution scans
  • Theme customization is available. has everything a manga fan needs, and everything on this platform is free of cost. If you don't want to register to read Manga, just visit and choose your favorite title to start reading.

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Is MangaReader Legal?

It is quite hard to answer about MangaReader's legality but we researched a lot for this detailed MangaReader review. Here’s what we found - 

The platform does not own the rights to the manga it hosts, and it does not pay the original creators or publishers for their work. This means that MangaReader is violating the intellectual property rights of the manga industry, and it could be shut down at any time by legal action. 

However, MangaReader is not the only website that does this, many other similar sites operate in the same way. Some manga fans argue that these sites are beneficial for the manga community, as they expose more people to the medium and generate more interest and demand for manga. 

They also claim that these sites are the only way to access some manga titles that are not officially licensed or translated in their regions. On the other hand, some manga fans prefer to support the official sources of manga, such as Shonen Jump, which offers legal and affordable ways to read manga online. 

Ultimately, the choice is up to you, but you should be aware of the risks and consequences of using MangaReader or similar sites. 

What Type of Content is Available on MangaReader?

As per our analysis of the MangaReader review, there is no dearth of content available on the platform. And the best part is it's entirely free and there are no ads to annoy your reading experience. 

Besides Manga, there are a lot more categories to explore, including comics. Let’s take a look at some of the types of manga that you can read on this site:


The platform’s available library of Manga covers a wide range of genres, themes, and styles, from action, romance, comedy, horror, fantasy, and sci-fi, to historical, sports, slice of life, and more. Additionally, it has a huge collection of manga from popular series like Naruto, One Piece, Bleach, Fairy Tail, Attack on Titan, and more, to lesser-known gems that you can discover.


One-shot can be understood as one chapter of Manga. These are usually short stories that have a self-contained plot and characters. They can be a great way to sample different manga genres and authors or to enjoy a quick and satisfying read. 

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Doujinshi is a term for self-published manga, usually created by amateur or fan artists. It often features characters or settings from existing manga, anime, games, or other media, but with original or alternative stories, scenarios, or pairings. MangaReader has a dedicated section for doujinshi, where you can find fan-made works of your favorite manga or anime.

Light Novel

Light Novel is often serialized in magazines or online and has chapters that are shorter than typical novels. They have elements of manga, anime, or games, such as fantasy, sci-fi, romance, comedy, or action. MangaReader has a section for light novels, where you can read translated versions of popular or new titles.


Manhwa is the Korean term for comics or graphic novels, which are usually drawn in color, and read from left to right. It has its own distinctive style and culture, influenced by Korean history, society, and art. It covers a variety of genres, such as drama, romance, comedy, thriller, horror, fantasy, and more. 


Manhua is the Chinese term for comics or graphic novels, usually drawn in color, and read from right to left. It has its own unique characteristics and traditions, influenced by Chinese culture, mythology, and folklore, covering a range of genres, such as martial arts, adventure, comedy, romance, history, and more. 


Comic can refer to any comic from any country or culture, such as American, European, or other comics. It can also include webcomics, which are comics that are published online from diverse genres, styles, and formats, from superhero, sci-fi, horror, and humor, to graphic novels, strips, or panels. MangaReader has a section for comics, where you can find some of the most awesome comics from around the world.

Is MangaReader Free?

Yes, MangaReader is entirely free and can be accessed without registration. Additionally, there are no subscription plans available. You don’t have to spend a single penny on reading your favorite Manga. 

However, accessing such free manga-reading sites can be illegal as the platform does not own the rights to the manga it hosts, and it does not pay the original creators or publishers for their work. This means that MangaReader is violating the intellectual property rights of the manga industry, and it could be shut down at any time by legal action. 

All in all, while MagaReader offers a fun way to read MangaReader for free, we still suggest you go for a legal option. 

MangaReader App: A Review of its User Interface and Ease of Use

The user interface of the MangaReader website is so straightforward that even new users won’t find themselves confused or frustrated. Literally, every category is available on the homepage. And choosing between the episodes and chapters is super easy too. 

Additionally, the website works well on the mobile interface. However, the platform is working on MangaReader APK which will make the user experience better. So, the direct Mangareader APK download link will be available on the website. 

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Is MangaReader Worth Your Time? 

After analyzing the detailed review, we can confidently say it is worth your time and there are not only one or two reasons but many. Firstly, the platform offers free service, meaning you don’t have to pay anything or subscribe to monthly plans. The average pricing plan for an online Manga Readers website is between $2-$10 per month. So, technically, you are saving about $100 annually. 

Secondly, there is no need to register for an account. Just go to its official website - and choose what you want to read. 

Thirdly, there are broad categories for Manga, including One-shot, Manhua, Manhwa, Comic, Light novel, and Doujinshi. At the same time, you will get an ad-free experience. 

All in all, MangaReader is a perfect platform worth all your time. If you think it’s still not up to your mark, let’s take a look at some of alternatives. 

Top 6 MangaReader Alternatives

Below, we have listed down some of the best websites like MangaReader. While MangaReader is a free platform, the alternative listed below may have subscriptions. So, let’s take a look at them: 

#1. Shonen Jump

VIZ | Start Your Shonen Jump Free Trial Today!

Shonen Jump is a must-have app for manga fans, probably the best MangaReader alternative. It offers a huge collection of VIZ Manga series, making it one of the most popular manga reading apps. The app is easy to use and lets you switch between chapters and series smoothly.

You can read most of the latest chapters for free, even though the titles are not free. You can swipe right or use the app slider to move between the categories. You can also zoom in to see the content clearly. 

The best part is that you don't need to sign in to read the free chapters, but you can do so to access your favorites and history.

  • Top Manga Available: Dragon Ball series, My Hero Academia, JoJo’s Bizzare Adventures
  • Platforms: Web, Android, and iOS
  • Pricing Plans: 7-day free trial; Subscription starts from $1.99/mo

#2. Crunchyroll Manga

Manga on crunchyroll, Save 64% magnanimous disposition -

Crunchyroll is not only a great source of anime comics, but also of manga. You can find a wide range of titles in its manga section, despite the app’s outdated design. To access the app, you will need to log in with your Crunchyroll login details.

Once you are in, you can browse through the titles using various filters, and read your favorite and saved series. You can also choose to swipe right or use the slider to move between the panels of each chapter. 

However, one drawback of Crunchyroll Manga is that there is not much free content. Only some chapters are free to read, and they are usually few in number. For most series, you will need to subscribe after the first chapter.

Crunchyroll Manga does not have a separate subscription plan, but it is included in the standard subscription. You can also try it out for 14 days for free before you decide to pay for the full subscription and enjoy its features.

  • Top Manga Available: Re:Monster, Space Brothers, Inside Mari
  • Platforms: Web, Android, and iOS
  • Pricing Plans: 14-day free trial; Subscription starts from $7.99/mo

#3. WebToon

Webtoon is not only a place for manga lovers, but also for fans of manhwas, webcomics, short stories, and more. It boasts a huge collection of original content. As one of the best free manga reader apps, Webtoon offers most of its titles for free, which makes it a perfect MangaReader alternative. You can enjoy the free titles without signing in, but you need to create a profile to use features like reading lists, unlock episodes, etc.

In Webtoon, you have to scroll vertically to see the next panel, instead of swiping horizontally. Most episodes are free to read once they are out for the week. For some finished series, you also get a daily pass that lets you read any 1 episode for free every day, for up to 14 days.

However, you can only use 1 device for each account. You can deregister your old devices, but you can only register up to 3 devices a month.

  • Top Manga Available: Island, The Remarried Empress, Sweet Home
  • Platforms: Web, Android, and iOS
  • Pricing Plans: Free; and Paid Coins: $0.99/pack 

#4. INKR Comics

INKR Comics: Launch Animation - @jayvudesign

INKR Comics is comparatively a new app that lets you enjoy manga from various sources. The team behind it was the creator of Manga Rock, a popular manga aggregator. They have a huge collection of manga that is attracting a lot of attention.

You can read the first few chapters of any title for free, but after that, you will need to pay to see the full chapter. You can still use some app features without signing in, such as reading free chapters.

The app uses smart AI tools to give you personalized recommendations based on your preferences and reading history. Once you sign in, the AI will suggest titles that you might like.

The app has a vertical scrolling feature that makes it easy to switch between panels. However, sometimes the pages take a long time to load. Also, some tiles in the app may not work properly and show empty pages when you tap on them.

The app is free to download, but it has ads. You can get rid of the ads by subscribing to the app. For the paid content, you have two options: you can rent the chapters for a short time using ink, or you can buy them permanently using coins. You can also exchange ink for coins.

  • Top Manga Available: The Seven Deadly Sins, Attack on Titan, Tokyo Revengers
  • Platforms: Web, Android, and iOS
  • Pricing Plans: 7-day free trial; Subscription starts from $3.75/mo

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#5. Manga Plus

Guide to Read Manga on MANGA Plus in Indonesian | Dunia Games

If you are a fan of MANGA Plus, you might have seen that many of the titles there are also on Shonen Jump. This is because MANGA Plus was formerly known as Shonen Jump+, and it is run by Shueisha, the same company that publishes most of the Shonen Jump Manga.

On MANGA Plus, you can read some chapters for free, but not all of them. For some ongoing manga, you can only read the first 3 and the last 3 chapters. The rest of the chapters are only available on the Shonen Jump app, which requires a paid subscription.

There is a trick to read more chapters, though. You can hide the chapters that you have already read. Then, when new chapters come out, the last 3 chapters will change too. MANGA Plus also lets you choose how you want to read the manga: by swiping horizontally or vertically.

  • Top Manga Available: One Piece, Naruto, Tokyo Ghoul
  • Platforms: Web, Android, and iOS
  • Pricing Plans: Free

#6. WebComics

WebComics is one of the best alternatives to that offers some free chapters from various titles. You don't need an account to enjoy the free features, such as reading the available chapters.

To read the paid chapters, you have to sign in to the app. You can swipe up and down to navigate through the chapter panels. You can also save chapters for offline reading.

WebComics has many original titles from different creators on its platform. You need to buy gems or coins to unlock the paid titles. But you can also earn free gems and other benefits by doing tasks, watching ads, or checking in daily. These can help you access the paid titles without spending money.

The app has a 'Wait For Free' section where you get a free chapter every day. But if you want to avoid buying gems every time you want to read a paid title, you can choose the premium subscription option.

  • Top Manga Available: The Devil Butler, Strongest Cultivation System, The Last Hero
  • Platforms: Web, Android, and iOS
  • Pricing Plans: Free; Premium plan starts from $5.99/mo

Is It Profitable to Invest in Online Comics App Development Like MangaReader? 

Gone are the days when people used to visit bookstations to buy their favorite comics or Manga. The time has changed and so does the technology. But the craze for comics remains the same, it's even increasing. That’s why there are thousands of online Manga reader software and websites available. People nowadays prefer to read their favorite Manga on the go. In such a situation, investing in online comic app development is worth every penny invested. 

To your surprise, let us tell you that the global market size of the online comic industry was over $500 million in the year 2022 and it is projected to surpass $26000 million by the end of 2029, with a CAGR of 31%. 

Now, you might have understood how lucrative this industry is and will going to be. So, if you want to invest in comics app development, consider hiring a top-tier mobile app development company like Mtoag Technologies. We are a leader in the website and mobile app development industry with over 13+ years of experience. So, without wasting much time, contact us now. Who knows your app would be the next hit in the online comic app industry. 

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If you love to read Manga online, then we don’t think there’s a better option than In comparison with several other Manga reading sites, MangaReader has the upper hand in terms of pricing, user interface, choice of content, registration, etc. While the average cost of using a Manga reading site is somewhere between $2-$10, it's absolutely free on MangaReader. 

However, the platform has some drawbacks too, which primarily include the lack of a mobile app and legality concerns around it. The platform seems optimistic with its dedicated mobile app launch soon. All in all, our detailed MangaReader review indicates it is the perfect platform for non-Japanese Manga lovers out there. 


Is MangaReader App Legal? 

No, MangaReader is not legal as it distributes manga without the permission of the original creators or publishers.

Is Mangareader a Good Website? 

Mangareader is a good website for reading manga online for free, with other pros such as high-quality scans, frequent updates, and an ad-free experience.

Why is MangaReader not Working? 

MangaReader may not be working due to various reasons such as server issues, network problems, browser compatibility, or legal actions.

Is There a MangaReader App? 

No, MangaReader hasn’t launched its dedicated mobile app. But it is working on it and the app will work on Android and iOS devices, allowing you to read and download manga on your phone or tablet.

What is a Similar Web MangaReader to? 

A similar web MangaReader to is MangaFox, which also offers a large collection of manga in various genres and languages for free.

What Happened to MangaReader? 

MangaReader is still active and accessible, but it may have changed its domain name or URL due to legal issues or other reasons.

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