StreamYard Reviews: Overview, Pros and Cons, and Alternatives

Yogesh Pant
Feb 26, 2024


StreamYard was founded in 2018 and has grown to be a well-liked live-streaming platform. For millions, live streaming has been made easier with this go-to option. Using this program, Anyone can live broadcast without any issues anytime and anywhere. 

But the situation has evolved. Many new and inventive live video streaming options have hit the market, some of which provide more value due to their inventiveness. Is StreamYard still an intelligent option for live streaming in such a scenario? 

That issue is addressed in this streamed review. This evaluation will cover its features, costs, advantages, and disadvantages. Everything you need to make an educated choice will be available to you. 

My Opinion: StreamYard Evaluation

A fantastic option for living broadcasting is StreamYard. It is easy to use and provides valuable tools to complete the task. 

It's crucial to remember that StreamYard is a specialized and targeted product. It provides a small range of functions centered around live broadcasting. It's a straightforward live-streaming platform rather than an all-in-one solution. 

These days, businesses and creators are searching for all-in-one solutions like GroupApp, which reduce effort for you and your clients while offering more value at a lesser price. 

StreamYard is a live-streaming platform that can be utilized with other business platforms. It's a wise option if you want to practice live streaming firsthand. 

One limitation of StreamYard is that it is a focused solution and needs to provide insights and statistics for live streaming. For such information, you will need to depend on the destination platforms. 

StreamYard is a passably acceptable live streaming service if that doesn't concern you.

Overview of StreamYard

A web-based platform for live broadcasting is called StreamYard. You may livestream to various platforms with StreamYard for private and professional use. 

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Dan Briggs and Geige Vandentop, friends and students, established it in 2018. It was founded with the goal of developing a stress-free, straightforward live-streaming solution, and its headquarters are on the West Coast of the US. Streamlined has risen to the top in only a few years. 

How Is StreamYard Operational?

It is a very targeted solution, StreamYard. It runs directly from your browser and doesn't need a download or plugin. To get things going, log into your account. It works with any device that can access the internet. 

Your videos, broadcasts, statistics, and other features are gathered under a dashboard.

StreamYard allows you to

  • Pre-recorded videos are streamed live.
  • Broadcast in real-time across many platforms at once.
  • Make individualized video content.
  • Include visitors
  • Plan your live streaming.
  • Capture and save videos.
  • Interact with viewers

For Whom Is It Intended?

For anybody looking to use live streaming to share stories, engage with their audience, and build a personal brand, StreamYard offers an easy-to-use solution.

It's appropriate for

  • Content producers
  • Names
  • Influential People
  • Groups
  • Advertisers
  • Managers of events virtually
  • Business groups
  • Religious events
  • Those in charge

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Features of StreamYard

Almost every feature you need for live streaming is included in StreamYard. Even though the features are pretty restricted, they are nonetheless helpful in their own right. They complete the task at hand. 

Let's explore StreamYard's features. Additionally, you will learn how each feature works.

The Dashboard for StreamYard

You will see a dashboard when you log into your streamed account. Every element will be shown, such as your planned virtual events, broadcasts, films, location selections, and members. 

It is your live-streaming world's backstage setup. It's straightforward to use. 


Using the top option, creating and accessing a broadcast is simple. You may access the Studio and modify your broadcasts here. 

Live Broadcasting Studio

This is StreamYard's primary function. You may make and control your live broadcasts using it. A standard toolkit is included with this Studio. 

Just choose a particular broadcast from Broadcasts to get access to Studio. Click Enter Studio after that.

Let's go over the tools and sub-features you will have access to.

Record Videos in Advance

You may record videos ahead of time for live streaming using StreamYard Studio. You'll have access to every editing tool available. The recordings are accessible via your dashboard. 

The free Plan allows you to do two hours of recording each month. When you go to a premium plan, the limit rises. Additionally, you can simultaneously record and stream with the subscription plans. 


You may include visitors in your recordings or live broadcasts using the Studio. Recording podcasts, response videos, and interactive live-stream sessions are made more accessible with the help of this tool. 

With the subscription plan, you may accommodate up to 10 guests; with the Free Plan, you may accommodate up to 6. That is a reasonable cap, particularly for a free plan. 


You may build a unique and customized live-streaming experience with the aid of this sub-feature. Note that the majority of the branding resources are premium.

With this function, you can

  • Modify the color of the brand
  • Include overlays and your logo.
  • Modify the themes and background
  • Play some background music.
  • Include snippets from videos.

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Custom banners are an option for your live feeds.

Real-time comments

Live comments allow you to engage with your audience. You may also respond to comments using this feature.

Private Chat

You may interact with your visitors and team members in the Studio using this function.

Presenting & Screen Sharing

You may share your screen with StreamYard during live streaming and show slideshows or films. To get numerous viewpoints, you may also install an extra camera.

Multiple Streaming

You may broadcast live on many social media networks and platforms by using StreamYard. You may communicate with a larger audience as a result. 

Nevertheless, only the premium subscriptions have access to this function. You can only broadcast to one problem with a free account. 

Choose your destinations from your account dashboard to multistream.

Additionally, you may broadcast to websites like Dacast, Vimeo, Amazon Live, and Twitch.

Personalized RTMP

Real-Time Messaging Protocol, or RTMP, is utilized for live streaming. If you cannot locate the platform you want among the destinations, add it using this tool. 

Choose the Custom RTMP button in black.

Interaction with the Audience

With audience participation, live broadcasts are meaningful. StreamYard assists you in taking care of that because of this. 

With StreamYard, you may increase engagement in the following ways.

  • Both viewers and comments may be highlighted.
  • Respond to inquiries from the public
  • Use your studio link to invite viewers to join you as guests on screen.

Provide Freebies

It's enhanced with StreamYard, which lets you host giveaway competitions. You can have access to a different Giveaway tool that is provided right here. Selecting a broadcast and entering a text that matches it is all required. 

With this function, winners will be chosen for you automatically.

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StreamYard Live for Webinars

You have access to a specific functionality on StreamYard for webinar hosting. It's a live webinar platform called On Air.

Nevertheless, the cost is $49 each MonthMonth! The news could be better!

Although this service is pricey, it offers the tools to host a live webinar. It may be integrated with the conversations on your website. Additionally, registration forms may be created. 

Moreover, you may download your conversation history. Furthermore, you may personalize your webinars. On-air thumbnails, calendar connections, and statistics are also included. 


Only the Professional and Business plans provide this functionality. Before entering the live stream studio, hosts and guests wait in the green room. 


Users of StreamYard may also profit from referrals by earning commissions. A $25 recurring commission is available to the user for each sale. Within the account, users may also see their referral statistics.

StreamYard Assistance

StreamYard offers three support channels.

  • Help Center: Training videos and instructions are available.
  • Email Support: During business hours, you may send in your inquiry and get a response.
  • Real-time conversation

StreamYard: Revolutionizing Your Marketing and Social Media Approach

StreamYard is a potent and adaptable live-streaming tool that's becoming increasingly well-liked among companies and marketers trying to improve their social media presence. Numerous capabilities on this platform may support your social media and marketing campaigns. We'll discuss how StreamYard can support your social media and marketing campaigns. 

Live Streaming

It is a crucial function of StreamYard that enables you to share video material with your audience in real-time. This might be useful for interacting with your followers and developing a close relationship with them. You may utilize live streaming to present your goods, provide behind-the-scenes glimpses into your company, and provide prompt customer service. 


With StreamYard's unique branding choices, you can give your live broadcasts a unified appearance and feel. You may add your logo, alter the background color, and choose from several themes to fit your brand identity. This improves the overall quality of your material and helps establish brand awareness. 

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Multi-Platform Streaming

You may simultaneously broadcast your live broadcast to Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, LinkedIn, and other social media networks with StreamYard. You may save time and effort by doing this instead of having to log into each platform individually. 


Live polls, Q&A sessions, and comment moderation are just a few of the interactive elements that StreamYard provides. With the help of these tools, you can communicate with your viewers and make your live broadcast more lively and engaging. 


You can monitor and assess your performance on your live broadcasts using StreamYard's analytics and insights. You may examine the number of viewers, the duration of their attention, and the most exciting parts of your broadcast. You may use this information to better your content and strategy for the next live-streaming. 

How to Broadcast Live Using a Mobile Device

Step 1: Sign in to StreamYard.

Go to StreamYard using the browser on your device, then log in. You don't need to remember your password or download any apps. To log in, enter your email address, and we'll send you a code by email. 

Step 2: Make a Broadcast

Initiate mobile live streaming by selecting "New broadcast" after selecting "Create a broadcast."

To make a broadcast, input broadcast details now.

Step 3: Permit Entry into the Studio

Next, provide the broadcast

Next, provide the broadcast studio's microphone and camera access so you may stream live from your smartphone.

Step 4: Select the Orientation 

StreamYard is designed to assist you in producing seamless and excellent live streaming from your mobile smartphone. It is compatible with both portrait and landscape orientations. 

Tilt your handset to view the camera on the left if you wish to utilize landscape mode.

You may now quickly browse the many functions inside your StreamYard Studio with the camera on your left, keeping your finger out of the lens and without interfering with your audience's view. 

On the right, for instance, you can easily access "Comments," "Banners," and even "Brand."

Pro Tip: We advise starting your broadcast from your desktop if you want to undertake live streaming from a mobile device. In this manner, you may quickly submit your video clips, overlays, and banners for your future show. 

Live streaming is a great way to determine your consumers' thoughts about your company. Play around with StreamYard's features, then when you're ready, click the "Go Live" link to start broadcasting live on your phone!

StreamYard Pricing

Let's now discuss prices.

StreamYard has three premium options (Basic, Professional, and Business) and one free Plan. All designs retain the characteristics and advantages of their predecessors. 

The cost of the business plan is available upon request.

You may make financial savings by choosing an annual billing period.

Free Plan

The fact that StreamYard has a free plan is very fantastic. It does, however, have some restrictions. It is solely appropriate for platform testing. 

In the free Plan, you can

  • The StreamYard emblem in your feeds
  • Limits on streaming
  • Local recordings: every two hours
  • Six individuals on screen
  • Two seats

Basic Plan: $25 per MonthMonth

With a yearly billion cycle, the main cost will be $20. This Plan has certain limitations but is perfect for individuals or those new to live streaming. 

Basic Plan Comprises

  • Every feature of the free Plan
  • Your streams do not have the StreamYard logo
  • Never-ending streaming
  • Infinite local recordings
  • Ten people on screen
  • Live broadcasts are logged.
  • Three destinations in one multistream
  • Particular RTMP locations
  • Visitor locations
  • Backgrounds, Overlays, and Logos
  • Pre-recorded broadcasts: 60 minutes
  • Fifty hours of storage

Expert Plan for $49 per Month

On an annual billing cycle, the monthly cost is $39. This package is intended for solitary content producers or small enterprises. In actuality, it lets you maximize StreamYard's potential. 

This comprises

  • Every feature of the Basic Plan.
  • StreamYard In-Audience: 250 people
  • Full HD resolution (1080p)
  • An additional camera
  • Twelve backstage players
  • Eight destinations in multistream
  • Four chairs

Two hours of pre-recorded streaming

Plan of Business

The cost of this Plan may be found upon request. It is perfect for entrepreneurs and enterprises in the mid-to-high range.

A business strategy provides

  • Precise permissions and roles
  • Centralized invoicing
  • 24 hours of recording per stream
  • Greater capacity for recording
  • Ten streams running at once
  • More than thirty spaces
  • Fifteen people backstage
  • Top priority round-the-clock assistance
  • Ten sites with multiple streams

Pros and Cons of StreamYard

It's time to discuss the advantages and disadvantages!

Pros of StreamYard

  1. Provides a free account.
  2. Easy to use
  3. Qualitative attributes
  4. Includes a giveaway tool
  5. Provides many streams

StreamYard Drawbacks

  1. Absence of analytics functionality
  2. The majority of features are exclusive to the Pro and Business plans.
  3. No third-party tool integrations
  4. It does not provide a feature that fosters community
  5. The trial period for paid plans does not exist.
  6. Low financial return

5 StreamYard Alternatives 

OBS Studio


OBS Studio is an open-source, free live broadcasting and video recording platform. Because it runs on Windows, Linux, and macOS, almost anybody with a conventional desktop or laptop can use it. 

When comparing OBS Studio with StreamYard, you'll see that although OBS offers a lot of choices, there is a learning curve. 

OBS has the excellent feature of allowing you to build up an infinite number of scenes, which can be switched between using custom transitions. Additionally, it has an integrated audio mixer with gain filers, noise gates, and noise suppression. 

You may play with and adjust several options available via the Settings page.

OBS offers benefits in terms of customization as well. You may customize your layout in any way you'd like using the modular Dock UI. 

Scenarios may be previewed in Studio mode before they go live, and you can trigger any of the scenarios you see with a single click using MultiView. 


  • Open-source and cost-free
  • Before going live, scenes should be put up and previewed.
  • Combine your sounds for a more polished broadcast.
  • Almost all streaming platforms are supported


  • A learning curve exists.
  • Installation of the program is necessary.


An excellent substitute for StreamYard is the robust and free program OBS Studio. However, there is a learning curve, so there may be better choices than this for complete novices. Additionally, OBS limits your freedom regarding where and when you may broadcast since it needs software installation. 


One difference between Restream and StreamYard is several multistreaming possibilities Restream offers. Furthermore, systems like SLOBS, XSplit, Elgato, and others have already incorporated it. 

Everything you need to ensure the success of your broadcast is available directly in your browser when you use Restream Studio. One may:

  • Include a call to action or another significant statement.
  • Emphasize messages from your channels.
  • Bring people over to your stream.
  • Include branding

With chat, you can monitor and respond to messages from several streaming services on a single screen.

Also, users may submit previously recorded videos for live streaming, which helps reduce some of the nervousness associated with going live. 

Celebrities, Fortune 500 firms, gamers, and more make up Restream's clientele. If you have a budget and an audience, this is an excellent alternative for streaming. 

Restream offers additional choices for multistreaming locations and the ability to invite visitors to your stream, even if its fee is comparable to StreamYard's. 


  • Option for professional streaming
  • No-cost tier
  • Stream simultaneously to many locations.
  • Bring people over to your stream.
  • Options for branding
  • Conversations across platforms


  • There are extremely few free tiers.
  • Paying tiers may be costly.


If you already have an audience and a budget, Restream is a fantastic alternative for StreamYard. You have many choices for branding and multistreaming, and getting started is simple. However, if you've never used streaming before, you could discover that it costs too much or is more than you want. 


VEED.IO - AI Video Editor - Fast, Online, Free

Veed positions itself as a platform that allows anybody to create notable films. Thanks to the user-friendly interface, text, automatically generated subtitles, music, images, and more may be easily added. You may apply filters, remove backdrops, turn off background noise, add annotations, and work together in real-time. 

In addition, Veed offers useful templates that let you produce material that looks more professional, even if you have yet to gain prior design knowledge. 

With Veed, you can broadcast to various platforms and go live with just a single click. The application also allows you to alter previously recorded footage. 


  • Interface that is easy to use
  • Options for cross-platform conversation
  • Several streams
  • Bring visitors to the streams
  • Browser-based application
  • Professional stream templates


  • There are extremely few free tiers.


Veed is an excellent alternative for new users of StreamYard because of its easy-to-use design and templates. Since the platform is browser-based, you may watch from any location with an internet connection anytime. The free tier is restrictive if you want to do more than simply broadcast, which is my main complaint. The affordable paid levels come with a yearly charge. 



Be.Live is a browser-based tool designed to simplify live broadcasting. You can create branded live broadcasts with by adding overlays, logos, backdrops, widgets, and more. 

With artificial intelligence (AI), Comment Assistant enables you to interact with viewers on all platforms from a single location and showcase comments automatically. Widgets are another way to increase viewer engagement while streaming.

Once you've finished broadcasting, you can use Be. Live's video editing tool allows you to repurpose your footage or even export the audio from the stream for podcasting. seems mainly targeted toward Amazon Live producers, even if it may be used for any streaming video.


  • Simple to employ
  • Options for branding
  • Features of engagement
  • Repurpose stream material with ease and speed.


  • The Starter tier has a limit on streams.


Be.Live has an intuitive UI that streamlines the streaming procedure. But compared to Veed or even StreamYard, your streaming choices are slightly more constrained. You may only broadcast seven times monthly unless you want to pay for the Pro tier. 


Dacast Review 2024: OTT Features, Streaming Pricing & More

A professional streaming network called Dacast enables content producers to broadcast, monetize, and host their broadcasts. The platform offers many noteworthy features, such as:

  • Using CDNs to broadcast live events easily
  • Safe hosting of videos
  • Simple ways to make money using pay-per-view
  • VOD incorporation

Although Dacast mainly targets groups in sports, corporations, media, NGOs, and event production, it is still an alternative for content producers. 

Nevertheless, businesses and media companies looking to get into live streaming will find them an excellent choice due to their focus on professionalism, simplicity in monetization, and security.


  • #strong emphasis on performance and security
  • Options for revenue generation via pay-per-view streaming
  • VOD incorporation


  • Not the best platform for producing material


For businesses, NGOs, educational institutions, and other organizations seeking a professional live-streaming solution, Dacast is an excellent alternative to StreamYard. However, Dacast is expensive and includes a lot of capabilities that need to be revised for content producers.

Concluding Remarks: Is Live Streaming With StreamYard Worth It?

After using it for a time, I've decided that StreamYard is worthwhile. 

Technically speaking, StreamYard is simple to set up. To stream live, you don't need to be a technology expert; even a novice can utilize it. 

It is reasonably priced when it comes to efficiency. StreamYard offers higher quality services at more reasonable pricing than most costly software. 

The finest thing is that it will function flawlessly even with low-power gadgets. Since it's cloud-based, StreamYard's computer does most of the work. 

StreamYard is a worthwhile endeavor as it may streamline and simplify your live broadcasts while fostering a captivating connection between you and your viewers. 

FAQs on StreamYard

Do guests require signup to join a session?

No. Guests can quickly join a session by clicking on the invite link. But, if you want to provide additional security, requesting them to sign up before joining is a good idea. 

Can I record audio only and not video?

You can record audio by clicking the "Record Audio only" option. This way, you can also record podcasts.

What are some of the StreamYard alternatives?

Some of the StreamYard alternatives are:

  • Zoom
  • Loom
  • Restream
  • StreamLabs 

Can I have unlimited streaming hours?

Yes, for unlimited streaming, you need a primary or professional plan on StreamYard. With a free plan, you can only stream up to 20 monthly hours.

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