GPS Tracking Apps for kids & Family

We are parents & caregivers just like you and we understand what it feels like if we don't know our kids location even for a minute, keeping this into consideration we are referring a latest technology with watch that includes GPS functions which uses your phone tracking unit, keeping a track of user kids whereabouts within the geo fencing areas and gives them alert when their kids are out of zone area, in this way their kids can remain within the line of sight they provided.

1. Find out the location of family members at any time.

2. Know when kids leave the boundaries of the virtual geo fence that you create.

3. Receive an alert when a family member checks in to a specific location.

Follow your loved ones and keeps them secure & connected

Keep track on family members in real time with the App. See all family member location on a single place. This is perfect for parents who want to keep track their child. Parents can know where their teen or tween is at all times. With this feature enabled, you will always be able to know when your kids leave the boundaries of the simulated fence, giving you peace of mind of significant when kids arrive home from school, or when they head out somewhere. Parents can set the speed limit control warning to ensure that teens are driving safely.


Peace of Mind for the Entire Family

  • 1
    Real-time location of your family members and love ones.
  • 2
    Create Safe/Unsafe Zones, Check in & send SOS
  • 3
    Parents can set the speed limit control alert to ensure that teens are driving safely.
  • 4
    Easily send one-on-one or group messages. This is a great way to keep everyone in the family in the loop and up to date.


Family Locator

GEO fence

Family Network

Group Chat

Speed Limit

Check in

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