Milk Delivery Mobile App Development Cost and Key Features

Raju Ram Khakhal
Jul 31, 2019

Technology has advanced pragmatically and made the life of humans easier and stress-free. This is more evident with online shopping ecommerce stores and digital payment methods that are in vogue. Now everything is available at the tap of your fingertip with mobile apps. The list is endless with groceries, vegetables, food items, electronics, gadgets, etc.

So why not our daily bread and butter items too. These can be also ordered through the mobile app. The online milk delivery app is one such thing that is essential to one and all and is required right from sunrise to sunset. It is a daily requirement of people from all walks of life and of all ages. You do not search for the customer as milk and dairy products are a daily necessity item and people would be more than happy to get them delivered right at their doorstep.

Read on to know about the salient features, cost estimation, tech stack and feasibility of getting the online milk delivery app developed for instant business success. Mtoag can be your development partner for the online app for milk delivery.

Major Benefit from the Milk Delivery App as compared with an E-commerce Business

Ecommerce business is big business with time scheduled delivery of items that take days to reach your home, whereas milk and other essential dairy items are a daily requirement and small business enterprise found in every lane through which milk & dairy products need to be delivered at your doorstep early morning. The items have exorbitant delivery charges at ecommerce stores comparative to the nominal delivery charges of the milk delivery software. Though both perform in the same manner but they are miles apart from one another.

Salient Features for a successful Online Milk Delivery Mobile App

On-demand Milk Delivery App

The on-demand milk delivery app consists of 3 panels. Functionality of each panel differs from one another. Read on to know more about each panel in detail.


Login/Sign Up

User can create an account by entering his/her email or mobile number or can also log in directly with social media credentials.

Profile Edits

Once registered the user can add, edit or rectify personal details like delivery address, mobile number in his/her profile.

Mobile Verification

The mobile number entered by the user is verified with an OTP for account security measures through the app.

Search Bar

Users can search their desired item from the dropdown list of milk and milk products thru the search bar and add them to cart for payout.

Multiple Payment Methods

The milk delivery app has been integrated with various payment gateways for accepting money through Debit/Credit Cards, E-wallets, Net banking and COD options.

Track Order Status

Users can track the status of the order and real-time location of the delivery van directly from the app.

Multiple Delivery Addresses

Users can add/alter multiple addresses for milk delivery in the app. They get an option to save the addresses for future use.

Repeat Order

For daily repeat orders the milk delivery app contains a feature for allowing the user to save the particular order and define the delivery duration from the given in calendar. The milk will be delivered according to the user’s doorstep daily.

Break Days

Users can schedule break days for non-delivery of milk to their doorstep through this flexible feature of the milk deliver app.

Order History Details

All past orders with complete info on price, taxes and delivery charges can be viewed by the user through the app.

Referrals and Promotions

Users can refer the app to friends, relatives and contacts to earn bonus points, referral discounts and various offers.


Customized Dashboard

The admin can manage the orders, vendors, users, drivers and other important details and aspects of the app through the customized dashboard.

Manage Orders

Order management pertaining to receiving, accepting, and assigning the order to the delivery van person can be done from this panel feature.

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Maintaining Users and Retailers

Through this feature the admin can manage the profile and order details of users and retailers. Admin is empowered to add/remove users, drivers and retailers according to their conduct.

Record Deliveries

This feature allows the admin track the live delivery status and location of order by the delivery van. This feature is the same for Users also.

Real-Time Statistics

The admin can manage real-time analysis of total orders, growth graph, profit& loss accounts and various other details from the milk delivery app.

Content Management System (CMS)

The admin can manage all the content available content on the website through the Content Management System without much effort or issue.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

The CRM helps the Admin to maintain good personal relations with his users, vendors, retailers and drivers. This helps in creating a loyal and long lasting bond with them.



The vendor/supplier needs to log in with his/her social media credentials. They can also use their email ID for account creation.

Customer& Delivery Personnel Management

Retailer can monitor and manage the activities and info of users through the app.

Manage Items

Admin is empowered to add new items or delete items that do not have a good sale ratio and margin of profit.

Manage Payments

Retailer can manage payments and payment methods of orders received by him/her.

Track Income

Tracking income is an essential part of any business and the retailer can manage the profit and loss graphs for the app.


Create and Manage Profile

Drivers can create and manage their profile from the app. Drivers details are verified before adding them to the Driver’s list.

Track Orders, Payments, Reviews and Feedback

Drivers can track current and pending orders, completed orders, reviews, feedback and payments through the app.

Customer Details

The delivery personnel can deliver the order thru the details received like name, address, and contact number of the customer through the app.

In-App Navigation

In-App map navigation feature guides the delivery personnel to navigate to the correct delivery destination.

In-App Communication

The delivery personnel can call/text the customer in case of not able to locate the user’s location or delay for delivering the order.

Order Details

The delivery personnel can view all the past orders delivered by him through this app feature.

Development Team Required For Developing an Online Milk Delivery Mobile App

Mtoag has an expert team of project managers, business analysts, web and mobile app developers, designers and quality analysts that understand the intricacies of a development project. We take your business idea and give it the desired shape as envisioned by you. We use the latest technologies for creating robust and scalable online milk delivery mobile applications. The proficient team members for developing an app consist of the following:

Milk Delivery Mobile App Development Technology Stack

Technology Feature
Android , iOS Mobile Platform
MongoDB, HBase, Postgress Database
IBM, Cisco, Hadoop, Spark Real-Time Analytics
Twillio, Neximo Voice and SMS, Twilia Push Notification
GooglePay, Paypal, E-wallets Online Payment Integration
Google, Azure, AWS Cloud

Normal Cost Estimation of Developing an Online Milk Delivery App

The cost estimation of developing an online milk delivery app depends on various features and functionality, development team size and country where the app will be developed.

The hourly development cost varies from country to country depending on the pay scale of the development team members. Though the cost estimation may differ country wise, but the development quality is nearly the same in each country.

For example, the development cost in the US can range anywhere between $150-$250 per hour; while in Europe it may be between $100-$150. The hourly development rate in India and other Asian countries ranges from $40-$90 only.

Country Average Cost
United Kingdom $42,000
Canada $45,000
Netherlands $45,000
Italy $40,000
France $45,000
Germany $42,000
Norway $70,000
Switzerland $85,000

Taking these cost parameters, we can work up a rough calculation of the development cost of the online milk delivery app. taking basic and necessary features into consideration for developing the milk delivery app in India, the cost estimation could be around $15,000-$30,000. If additional advanced features like CRM and CMS are included to the Website development list, the cost price would naturally escalate.

Mtoag’s expert team of developers can help to develop your milk delivery app idea to reality and well within your desired budget without compromising on any features or quality.

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