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Case study

Rahatee Taxi Mobile App Solution

Android & iOSbasedtaxi app solution for your taxi business let your customer set their destination and hail for pick up anytime, anywhere and anyplace.

01Over View

The client comes to MTOAG with the intent of having a taxi app which provides the user an easy way to book taxi. They have cars/taxi's and all that but technically they don't have any solutions so they approached us to provide features that improve the efficiency of taxi services for riders,they wanted to purchase the customize product with multilingual features and so here our team has discussed about it,worked on it with great efforts to brings a positive outcome which satisfies our clients requirements.

02The Challenges

  • Research and understand the taxi network.

  • Provide features that improved the efficiency of taxi service for users.

  • Multilingual features.

  • Real time location.

  • Automatic fare calculation and best route options.


04App Designing

05The Solution

  • The app runs efficiently in smart phones on different platforms like iOS and Android, which improved the efficiency.

  • Gripped GPS technology,theapplication would then automatically search for the location.

  • Get optimum route suggestion for the drivers..

  • Provided multilingual features.