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Reaching out to mobile people is your greatest option for expanding your brand since the world is increasingly centered around profitable devices and technology. Users these days like to have everything they need at the push of a button, on the move, on their smartphones. The Zoho CRM customization & Intigration Developers at Mtoag Technology can assist you in modifying the programme to better suit your company’s requirements. Customizing fields, formats, reporting, and connecting Zoho with other programmes are all included in this. We provide complete business process optimization and simplification solutions, including those for banking, human resources, sales and marketing, customized solutions, and other areas.

Our Zoho CRM Customization & Intigraton Services are as Follows:

  • With Zoho integration services and modifications, our Zoho development team offers effective apps.
  • Real-world experience working with customers all across the world as approved ZOHO partners.
  • Customization and integration of Zoho CRM utilizing our team's built-in APIs.
  • We connect a wide range of systems, including ERP, accounting systems, marketing automation software, eCommerce platforms, analytics tools, and other third-party applications.
  • Completely painless Zoho system setup to guarantee successful adoption with customized processes and features that properly meet your company requirements.
  • Secure Zoho customization services from an ISO 9001:2015 and ISO/IEC 27001-certified business with assured compliances followed and NDAs signed.

Customization Services for Zoho CRM We Provide

You may expect to revolutionize the way your company runs and expands with Mtoag technology on your side and the features at your disposal.

Zoho Consultation

Our Zoho consulting team adds a unique skill set to your Zoho project, enabling your business to build procedures, make wise technology investments, and save time and money. Through open relationships with our clients, we bridge the gap between technological solutions and business needs.

Zoho Support

By offering the kind of Zoho support you need –support tailored to your specific business and practices –our team of Zoho support professionals will help you design and manage the system. You can rely on Mtoag Technology Zoho Support for dedicated Zoho CRM support that will get you through any challenges your company may present.

Zoho App Creation

We develop unique apps using Zoho Creator to streamline all corporate procedures. Additionally, we provide you the ability to automate everything, including sales, logistics, accounting, marketing, and more. Both the Android and iOS platforms can run the apps that our team has created.

Zoho Customization Services

Our programmers are skilled in building unique Zoho CRM solutions. We simplify operations across all divisions to increase the efficiency of marketing and sales procedures. We assist you in designing, customizing, and deploying Zoho apps across all major mobile operating systems using inbuilt low code architectures.

Zoho Migration

We make sure the data is moved correctly, enabling you to do less manual effort. Our professionals will rapidly set up and administer Zoho products across your company. We are aware of corporate procedures and client requirements, and we then tailor solutions to meet those demands.

Zoho Implementation

For doing Zoho Integration shouldn’t leave anything to chance. We like to learn more about our customers’ requirements and their unique companies before providing a general recommendation. If you choose to work with Mtoag Technology, the outcome of this engagement will be a technical roadmap that outlines precisely how the Zoho installation will proceed.


  • Ringcentral
  • Twilio
  • Exotel
  • JustCall
  • Ozonetel

Events & Meetings

  • GoToMeeting
  • Zoom
  • Microsoft OneNote
  • Team Viewver
  • Eventbrite


  • SMS Magic
  • Burst SMS
  • Text Magic
  • MSg 95

Marketing Automation

  • Google Ads
  • Mailchimp
  • Active Campaign
  • Zoho Marketing Hub


  • Zoho CRM with QuickBooks
  • Xero
  • Zoho Books

Inventory & Order Management

  • Cin7
  • Zoho Inventory
  • Linnworks

Document Signer

  • Adobe sign
  • Zoho Sign
  • Docu Sign

Shipping & Map

  • Tookan
  • UPS
  • Google Map

Quote Management

  • Quotewerks
  • iQuoteExpress


  • DropBox
  • Google Drive

Benefits of Utilizing Zoho CRM Customization’s CRM System

Data-Driven System CRM is a Data

Driven system that incorporates the newest technologies to keep track of customers with sophisticated software and assist in bringing in new clients for the company through customer interaction on various platforms, including social media, emails, and marketing websites. It also assists business organizations in understanding their target market.

Service Improvement

Businesses may optimize their services as a result of the CRM System's assistance in identifying their target market and their needs since they are better able to plan and execute their work strategy.


CRM software improves corporate productivity and helps to save many unforeseen expenditures that may arise, thus many large organizations are investing in CRM because they see it as a long-term asset for the company.


Since all customer, sales, and marketing data is controlled in one location, the operations are transparent, which promotes stability.


Compliance with these criteria enables seamless operation of the firm and increases productivity. The Zoho CRM addition provides guidelines about market intelligence, target audience, customer reviews, and sales methods.


As a result of increased sales and the ability to concentrate on their primary service or product and hands-compatible solution, investing in CRM systems has shown to be advantageous for businesses.


Your organization may benefit from customized Zoho CRM options. That indicates that their services are solely focused on the nature and requirements of your firm, resulting in client growth and business development.

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