Case study

Custom Wearable Apps Portfolio

We here at Mtoag provide excellent solutions with an app function,the smart bracelet which will automatically measure heart rate, blood pressure and oxygen.

01Over View

Recently, in conversation with one of our client,he comes out with the problem that he wants to collect the data of heart rate,pulse rate,etc. and wants to create the graph and chart on Smartphone's to help the consumer to figure out the best ways to keep fit & healthy.

The device or you can say pedometer is available with them but technically they don't have any solutions. So here, MTOAG comes with the solutions of wearable health app or Pedometer, which are simply smart electronics devices which lets the user to wear it as accessories on body and collect the data according to the number of steps they have taken.

02The Challenges

  • To understand the firmware, class, BLE (Bluetooth low energy) library, etc is one of the major challenges that MTOAG team has faced.

  • Real time syncing.

  • During the process of developing wearable health app, whenever the device comes on range, it automatically goes into auto connect mode.

  • Small size wearable devices store large number of sensitive information, since they are small in size if misplaced can cause loss of data so it's a matter of privacy & security.


04App Designing

  • Send the proposal to the client

  • Sketch the wireframes after receiving response from the clients.

  • Design the app after the client is satisfied with the wireframes.

05The Solution

  • We have great and perfect Android/iOS app which let you provide complete solutions.

  • Our team has comes with the solution to collect the consumers data on cloud storage and display it on the screen.

  • Data is stored on database after every five seconds of auto connect.

  • Final Implementation and proper execution.