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Our Exclusive Taxi App development are truly focus on the challenges on the taxi business and provides the high end solution of this billon dollar industry with our highly level of experience and industry knowledge. This extraordinary taxi app solution is best suited for SME to Large taxi app companies and transform your Taxi/Cab Business and Give it a Competitive Edge with Our Advanced Cab Booking App.

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Latest trending features in Taxi app


Heat map

A representation of rider data in the form of a map in which values are shown as colors.



Sending text messages & attachment available for Admin-driver/Admin-rider/Driver-rider.


Agent & service provider

Get more jobs & increase revenues with the help of Agents & service providers.

Taxi Mobile App Features

Our base solution comes with a host of features for passengers, drivers, admins and dispatchers and can be further enhanced with advanced features, integrations and customizations as per your business needs.

  • User Registration

    To use this app, passengers can directly register from their mobile app using the login page.

  • Book a Taxi

    Set pickup Location Show available/online drivers with vehicle info Select Suitable vehicle Estimate of Fare Request for Ride

  • Promotions/ Free-ride

    The user will receive promotions/ free-ride promotions invite in the form of email or text messages.

  • Manage Ride

    This helps the user to start/end Ride Notifications and then view receipt in the form of Email or Text Message.

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  • Rating

    Once the journey of the passenger ends, the user has the facility to rate your driver and provide feedbacks.

  • Trip History

    The user can view the history of the travel in future.

  • Live Routing

    Through this feature, the passenger can get updates regarding the cab through the app from the initial stage

  • Payment History

    In this feature, we can analyse the payment made to the taxi driver if there are any requirements in future.

Taxi Booking Application Implementation & Launch

A comprehensive and tailored process from knowing about your solution requirements to successfully launching your apps on the app stores.

Requirement Analysis

Personalized interactions for comprehensive requirement gathering.

Payments Integration

Built-in support for popular payment gateways with new integration support.

Notifications Integration

Push notifications, email updates and SMS alerts setup.

Analytics Integration

Support for integration with popular analytics platforms.

Server Setup & Backup

On-premise deployment of the solution with a data backup option in place.

Security Compliance Check

Full data security audit to meet HIPAA and other compliance standards.

App Store Submissions

Successful listing on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Support & Maintenance

Dedicated launch and technical support for smooth operations.

Taxi Booking On Demand App Development

Mtoag offers a branded taxi app solution for iOS and Android mobile that is easy to use and customizable as per your business need, thus multiplying your reach. The taxi software also in runs and assistances taxi companies keep a check on their business with no manual efforts. Communication happens between the passenger app and driver app, which is simply monitored from dispatch management system thus making it a leading on demand cab app for drivers and taxi app for drivers.

Eminent Feature

A user-friendly interface: Customers can set their pick up location or Google search for an address manually. By optionally setting a drop-off point, passengers can also get a quote for the journey based on time & mile.

Real-time Taxi Tracking: Whether it is a taxi, Boat or motorbike delivery, our system supports a variety of services. Track the location that you have booked in real time. GPS integration is used for the purpose. Google Map Integration: Map is integrated to the app so that your users can track the driver location. Map can also be used to get the direction from starting point to the destination and calculate, therefore ETA (Estimated time of arrival) generated on the basis of the current traffic. Payment Integration: System would accept the payment systems like credit card /debit card payment, wallet payment.

Benefits of using System:

  • Reduces the gap in booking taxi both from passenger and taxi company point of view.
  • Recurring and loyal customers as the software is easy to use and Apps are freely downloaded.
  • Book, Track, Manage, Execute entire taxi booking and dispatch process.
  • Perform CRM activities and extract reports from admin panel.
Eminent Feature

Passenger App

Passenger app is fully systematic letting passengers to book their taxi from anywhere. Scheduling, rescheduling and cancelling taxi can be done with few taps over smartphone. 2 simple taps over smartphone fetches the taxi to the doorstep of the passenger.

  • Email Address Sign Up
  • Social Media Login
  • OTP Verification
  • Selection of different types of vehicles
  • Saved locations
  • Destination Entry
  • Schedule a ride for a later time and date
  • ETA of driver
  • View Driver Details
  • Fare Estimator
  • View Driver Details
  • Live tracking of the taxi's position
  • Fare splitting options
  • Call/SMS the driver using Twilio
  • Automatic Payment using CC/DC
  • Payment using Cash or Credit
  • Promo Code options
  • Rate/Review the Driver
Passenger App

Driver App

A dynamic driver app is all set to respond its passengers over a tap. Each driver has his or her own login credentials. Upon activating GPS over driver app, dispatch can easily track taxi movements, assign and organize their position and manage drivers in a more efficient way.

  • Email Sign Up
  • Route Optimization
  • View Customer Details
  • Accept/Reject requests in real time
  • Call/SMS the customer
  • Path drawn to customer's location
  • Document and credentials Upload and Approval
  • Turn by turn navigation via Google Maps App
  • Ride History
  • Payment Management
  • Start/Stop wait time
Driver App

Auto Dispatch system

Dispatcher panel is an online portal can take telephone booking, manage drivers And assign trips. No more queuing, no more idle drivers, no more fuel wastage upon fake trip request. Know your passenger before dispatching with the help of our intelligent booking system.

  • Details are saved from all booking channels
  • Access and extract Account report and total earnings at a glance.
  • Real Time Updating on Dashboard.
  • Assign taxi and manage assigned taxi.
  • View Ratings to drivers.
  • View Passenger details with status.
  • Track locations of driver and passenger.
  • Manage Bookings.
  • Access and extract trip transaction details, which are completed, cancelled or rejected.
  • Easily track each driver, each taxi, each passenger and each transaction and ratings from one platform.
  • Dispatching options like add Phone Bookings.
  • Dispatch Taxis manually or server will pick up the nearest taxi to dispatch.
Dispatch system

Admin Panel

Master Admin panel has a total control over all the Dispatcher panels, Drivers, Passengers, taxis and transactions occurring. Over all Taxi management process is controlled using Master admin panel. Master admin panel has all the features except dispatching system. Admin panel automatically updates itself with every transactions occurring in the system.

  • Details are saved from all booking channels in admin panel.
  • Customized visibility to details and transaction for dispatchers.
  • Admin can perform some CRM activities.
  • Provide Login credentials to dispatchers
  • Change password option.
  • Statistical Dashboard.
  • Add and manage taxi model, taxi capacity, taxi number, taxi amenities, taxi image and taxi fare.
  • Add and manage Driver, driver details, driving license details, booking limit to a driver.
  • Add and manage various Dispatchers, Drivers, taxis based on location.
  • Add and manage Users account, Ratings, Contacts, Contents, and Miles.
  • Access and extract trip transaction details, which are completed, cancelled or rejected.
  • Easily track each driver, each taxi, each passenger and each transaction and ratings from one platform.
  • Access and extract Account report and total earnings at a glance.
  • Real time updating of details in Admin panel.
  • Assign taxi and manage assigned taxi.
Admin Panel

Advanced Highlights

Our base solution accompanies a large group of highlights for riders, drivers, administrators and dispatchers and can be additionally improved with cutting edge features as per according to your business needs.

Web application

Passenger can even book their ride just by entering their booking details from web application without using the mobile app.

VOIP Calls

Permit calls over data or Wi-fi amongst passengers and drivers, administrator and drivers, administrator and rider.

Automated locating via GPS

Passenger can easily & automatically determine the driver geographical location & can view driver’s car approaching towards them.

Dispatch System

Integrate customer booking demands through calls with our dispatch system, manage drivers & assign trips to rider with no wasting of time.

Why Choose Us

We have successfully implemented several Apps with Live Map Tracking. Our developers constantly upgrade their skills to provide our customers with the best software solutions in tune with the latest technologies available.

  • Easy to Use

    We provide solutions which facilitates an easy approach to use the functionality of app to both rider as well as driver.

  • Tap for Booking

    Rider can see the closest taxi availability, driver subtle elements, get fare estimation & tap on booking choice.

  • Hassle Free

    Our team upgrades their skills to furnish the client with the best solutions tuned in to the most recent innovation accessible.

  • Best Travel Comfort

    Give customer with the best comfortability zone without any surge & improve their ride travel to be a better one.

  • Reliable Service

    We ensure to provide you with the immense reliable services that we offer & resolve your issues at the earliest.

Great Solution for an intelligent move

Our base solutions offer any businesses with higher versatility in view of their requirements.

Worldwide solution

Our taxi application solution gives you a chance to set up a worldwide brand what's more with having multi-language features.

Intuitive features

Our process is simple & easy, we provide you with the better app & web interfaces that are marketable, simple & user friendly.

Pre-Built Solution

Worldwide solution

Devoted Support

Intuitive features

Pre-Built Solution

Leverage our base solution consisting of native iOS and Android apps to spare significant time and money.

Devoted Support

We offer a customized engagement to our clients from proposition to dispatch to give them devoted support group.

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