Taxi App Development

Mtoag offers Innovation and Expertise to launch best taxi app development like Uber, Ola and Careem. Our services include amazing uber clone script features to suit any platform whether it is iOS or Android. We offer highly functional features with great UX and UI design and giving you the flexibility to customize the features according to your business idea.

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UBER Clone Script


Heat map

Provides a detailed representation of rider data in the form of a color-coded map.



Allows text-based communication with attachment support for Admin-driver/Admin-rider/Driver-rider.


Agent & Service Provider

Our agents and service providers help you win more jobs, increasing your revenues significantly.

Taxi App Development Key Features

Mtoag Provides comprehensive taxi app development for running a taxi service company. Our customized app not only cover all the aspect of the stakeholders as well as incorporate all the basic and advanced features for rider, driver, admin and dispatch users.

  • User Registration

    This feature allows passengers to register directly from their mobile app via the login page.

  • Book a Taxi

    Allows passengers set a pickup location. Shows online/available drivers with vehicle info. Select preferred vehicle. Estimate fare. Request for a Ride.

  • Promotions/Free-ride

    This is used to send invitations for ongoing promotions/free rides to passengers via text or email messages.

  • Manage Ride

    Allows users to start/end Ride Notifications and delivers a receipt in a text message or email format.

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  • Rating

    Allows the passenger to rate the driver and provide feedback at the end of the journey.

  • Trip History

    Allows the user to view travel history in the future.

  • Live Routing

    This feature provides the passenger updates about the cab via the app.

  • Payment History

    With this feature, admins can analyze the payments made to a taxi driver if the need arises in the future.


Add-on Features

  • One way and round trip
  • Affordable rides out of town
  • Vehicle options to suit all your needs
  • Ideal for every season to travel

Add-on Features

  • Travel different places within the city
  • Multiple stops wherever you want
  • Drivers will wait while you make your visit
  • It's something to feel like your own car

Add-on Features

  • Grant third party to use your trademark
  • Franchisee get its own login panel
  • Organize all the operation of services
  • Expand your taxi business & earn more

Add-on Features

  • Provide hotels with separate panel to book taxi
  • Hotel guest can easily request for a cab
  • On each bookings admin can earn commission
  • Book cab on time & serve your guest better

Add-on Features

  • Book a cab at flexible monthly packages
  • Ideally suits to office people
  • No worries to reach the office on time
  • Enjoy hassle-free rides each & every day

Add-on Features

  • Create as many as service provider you want
  • Service provider seperate login panel
  • Offer services to client in exchange for payment
  • Organize & oversee all the service provider

UBER Clone Script Highlights

Our Uber clone script provides top in-class UI and advanced features to fulfil all the requirements and needs of the business. Our products include 5 major parts Website, Rider App, Driver App, Admin Panel & Dispatch panel. Apart from this, we also have the add-ons which you can opt to start revenue through the application.


Web application

Allows passenger to book a ride without the mobile app by logging in their booking details via a web application.



Provides in-app navigation to help driver to reach to the destination within a time.


GPS-enabled automated locating

Allows passenger to book a ride without the mobile app by logging in their booking details via a web application.


Dispatch System

Allows voice-calls over data or Wi-Fi between drivers and passengers, drivers and admins, and rider and admin.

Why Choose Us

Easy to Use

We offer solutions that deliver the best user experience through an easy-to-use method that allows the rider and driver enjoy maximum functionality of the app.

Tap for Booking

Let’s driver see the closest available taxi, driver subtle characteristics, fare estimation, and tap on booking choice.

Hassle Free

Our developers continually upgrade their skills to deliver the best solutions for our clients using the latest innovations in the industry.

Best Travel Comfort

Provide unparalleled customer comfortability and satisfaction devoid of surges and enhance the ride experience.

Reliable Service

We are committed to offering you services you can always rely on, and we resolve any issues within the shortest time possible.

Great Solution for an Intelligent Move

Our base solutions provide businesses more versatility based on their needs

Worldwide solution

Our taxi application solution offers an opportunity to establish a global brand and comes with multi-language functions.

Intuitive features

We provide the best apps with simple and easy to use web interfaces that are marketable and deliver maximum user experience.

Pre-Built Solution

Save a considerable amount of money and time with our base solution built on the native iOS and Android apps.

Devoted Support

We provide our customers a personalized engagement from proposition to dispatch, making sure they have a dedicated support group at their service.

Unlimited drivers, riders, Sub-Admins and rides

There will be no limitations on adding Drivers and Riders. Unlimited Drivers and Riders can register and use the system simultaneously. Also you could add unlimited Sub-Admins to manage the sites. The drivers and users can make use of unlimited rides.

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